Politicians Suck

It’s only fitting that this blog start out with the most obvious thing that sucks.  Politicians.

Politicians really suck.  Generally speaking, the modern career politician is a complete piece of shit.  Politicians are lying, cheating, stealing whores.  Basically, politicians are the least trusted people around, yet they have a ton of control. That’s really stupid, folks. And it sucks.

Politicians have compromised just about everything of principle and sold their votes, constituents and any other thing they have been able to without losing their gigs.  They tax the shit out of the working class and give the money to two groups.

  1. Their corporate cronies – for money, connections, political leverage, promises and votes
  2. The welfare crowd – to make them dependent on government so that they can rely on their votes.

Either way, politicians screwed things up and now the poor and middle class are getting seriously screwed.  Politicians took a working system and through through their political prostitution have created corporatism. This is where big business and government are so far up each other’s asses, you don’t know where one ends and the other begins.

This has ruined real capitalism, which built the country, and replaced with the piece of shit system that’s in  place today. I could go on and on about this, but why?  I don’t need to go any further for everybody to understand that politicians suck.

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  1. Patty says:

    The welfare crowd – to make them dependent on government so that they can rely on their votes.hello most folks receiving public assistance dont even know who their legislators are let alone vote for them. The truth is that organizations that are receiving block grants from their state to support their programs and give them jobs are the ones voting for them. Knowledge goes a long way. Get your facts straight.

    • NAAAAHHHH says:

      Wow! You are full of it. Have you looked at the unemployment rate and seen WHO is receiving support today? I am a 43 year-old single mom who was on unemployment nearly a year and a half and I can read. I voted, I also called on politicians.I think you probably fit in with the racist, sexist homophobes I hear around that don’t know diddly poo. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

      I’m guessing you are a white man in his late 40′s or beyond. DISCONNECTED.

    • Kris says:

      They know enough to vote democrat right?

  2. Rocky says:

    Yes. Politicians and social politics does suck. We don’t need laws. We [all 7 billion of us] need equal access to resources [food, water, clothing, shelter]. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a reason to steal, or to commit a crime. We need to impose our scientific understanding and technology to produce resources abundantly and available to every one of us [all 7 billion of us]. Money is the number one reason why most people commit crimes anyway. Eliminate money, and we would eliminate most crimes. A nonviolent society is a dream world. A resource based economy is what drives this dream world. Follow more on this story at the website http://www.TheVenusProject.com

    • Realist says:

      Apparently people still believe in Shangra La. Money is not the root of all evil – it’s a symptom. Greed and self interest will exist even if you abolish money and it is these very human drives that will always generate imbalance. And incidentally, greed and self interest are what drive innovation and progress. They are the reason that capitalism is the most successful form of organization yet developed and I, for one, don’t want to live in a world without them. The core issue is that the system has to have checks, balances, and laws that ensure an equal playing field – and a system to monitor those laws to ensure they’re operating as intended.

      The system ain’t broke – it’s simply monitored ineffectively. You should be pushing for freedom of the press and the formation of more watchdog groups… not trying to create a perfect society.

  3. Ken Danagger says:

    Politicians are only one part of the unholy trinity of parasites. The other two members are bankers and lawyers.

    All three could be pretty much eliminated from the world and we’d be MUCH better off. They produce nothing. Their objective is simply to control people and to loot unearned wealth by deception and manipulation. They typically work together to achieve their goals.

    BLeePs = Bankers, Laywers, Politicians.

    The Venus project is a thinly veiled socialist one-world government scam. They advocate wealth redistribution – not freedom and free markets. A world without money would be a world that is a slave to those who seize the power to redistribute the product of peoples labors. Real money (not this fiat paper shit) is the ultimate tool of honest trade.

  4. George says:

    Are our politicians for real?

  5. David says:

    politicians are like whores especially Owebummer the prez,,,this douchebag is selling our the country for Illegals votes..


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