The Chevy Volt Sucks

The Chevy Volt, the new battery powered car introduced by General Motors, is a sorry excuse for a car.  This car was created for the following people:

  • Complete morons
  • Pretentious social climbers
  • Mentally challenged, hyper sensitive,  politically correct, social issue obsessed numb-skulls
  • All of the above

Look, this car sucks in almost every way possible.  I get it. The car will be controversial because of the green movement. It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid global warming believer or think global warming & the green movement are complete bullshit (like myself),  this car is a terrible purchase.

Let us count the ways.

  1. The car has a fuel source that has historically fallen on its face.  The newspapers have been praising the electric car for nearly one hundred years and it still remains unproven.  Maybe one day an electric car will be superior. The Chevy Volt is not it.
  2. You can only travel 40 miles with the battery. Yes, a whole 40 miles.  Wow!  Let’s get this straight. The primary purpose of the automobile is mobility. The automobile was invented to make traveling long distances at increased speeds in a safe manner an every day occurrence.  Now, in the 21st century the news and various groups of schmucks are celebrating a car that limits one’s mobility and fails in serving the primary purpose of the automobile.
  3. The “back-up” gasoline powered generator will power this lemon for just over 300 miles. So who are the bigger assholes here? Engineers,  marketing or the media hype machine?  First, this only reinforces how weak the battery power source really is. Second, what geniuses decided to make (or call) the more capable power source the “back up”?  Oh…I get it. It’s about saving the planet. It’s about reducing your footprint.  It’s about limiting travel for the sake of reducing emissions.  It’s really fucking stupid. That’s what it is. Next time Al Gore is screaming by you in a limo or above you in a private jet why don’t you scream up to him what a great person you are?
  4. This car is being subsidized by taxpayers.  Even GM and the government know this is a shitty car. That’s why they are using tax credits to entice dimwits to buy it. This car can’t make it on it’s own left to the demand of the consumers. If it could, there is no way they would be floating a tax credit. Think about it. To top it off,  the taxpayers get to have their money used to produce this giant failure.  Great…the politicians strike again.
  5. This piece of shit car costs $41,000.  Only a true shithead would spend $41,000 on a vehicle performs this poorly right off the assembly line. Yes, it was designed to be this bad on purpose. Just to show you that I am a reasonable guy here is some food for thought.   A car is a tool of transportation.  Take a look at what you can get with $41,000.  Compare the features of all these cars.  You can get a feature loaded luxury car built for safety, comfort, performance, durability and a smooth ride.  Or you can get an over-priced compact death trap that barely has the capability to get you to work and back.  Gee, this is a tough decision…for an idiot.

I don’t want to hear any bullshit about this car being good in any way.  The Chevy Volt sucks.

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  1. T says:

    That’s real talk right there! I’m glad someone said what I was thinking.

  2. Zackary Odom says:

    Nailed it.

  3. ACG says:

    Touched on 1/2 of its bullshit.

  4. Alan says:

    Too much focus on the “green movement” and not enough on the failure of GM. Their EV1 was a better car, and the Chevy Malibu is a joke as well. Long story short, GM sucks, and should have went out of business.

  5. hehe says:

    Really went out on a limb by posting this

  6. Rich says:

    The Tesla has been in pre mass production for several years and gets 230 miles per charge. Granted, the sticker price is a bit high, but with mass scaling that price could drop dramatically.

    Why is Government Motors not striving for this known mileage standard? This car seems designed to not sell, like some bogus placation of the electric car gods.

    A recent article on the Volt indicates that in cold weather the batteries provide as low as 23 miles per charge. $41,000? Get real.

    Didn’t you love the government bailout/buyout and the subsequent new stock offering?

    • Geddy says:

      What if the Tesla EV runs out of electricity? Answer= the vehicle locks up completely and if you try to move it, it will damage the Tesla. Democratic People suck when it comes to EVs. why did the Liberal idiots eliminated drilling for oil in the 1970′s? If we didn’t stop drilling for oil in the U.S.A., then Fuel will cost at least 20-70 cents a gallon.

  7. not much says:

    Why won’t the government “subsidize” me for choosing a life and work style that minimizes my need to drive (I work from home and only make short trips 1 or 2 times a week) – and for taking caring for my 14 year old Expedition so that it doesn’t pollute excessively or end up in a landfill?

    • Pierre Pressure says:

      “If I owned a muffler shop, the government WOULDN’T pay me to NOT install mufflers.” – P J O’Rourke on Farm Subsidies -

  8. VoltOwnerCA says:

    It’s pretty slick. You should actually drive one. It’s completely silent when on battery power, it accelerates with a constant power curve and it’s a lot of fun to drive. Plus the lease deals are really excellent through Ally or USBANK (I think 0.9% with 1500 down on a 12K/yr 36 month lease). My buddy in the office has one and convinced me when he said I would never buy an ICE car again.

    • Bill says:

      Your Volt includes a 1.4L gasoline engine, that directly drives the wheels…
      This is a plug-in hybrid, and nothing more.

  9. You got to be kidding! says:

    Slick? Your smug is showing. You could buy a basic mid size SUV and pay for gas and get a small sailboat and a month of expensive lunches for what this piece of marginal engineering gets you. You are either uninformed about economics and pollution, a greenie dreaming about saving the world from humans or you are a troll (or all three).

  10. Steven whitely says:

    I was a GM mechanic for a lot of years, I have all ways known what kind of junk that goddamn company makes
    You could give GM a hole in the ground and they would FIND a way to fuck that up to.they bought SAAB to copy some good engineering skills, instead they the thought they would improve on some thing that works,we all see what they did to that car company,GM sucks.

  11. Ronald McCormack says:

    Chevy ,Chevy they’re the best. You drive a mile and walk the rest.

  12. joe says:

    Let’s see:

    Turning gas into electricity and then turn that electricity into mechanical power wastes energy because power conversion is never 100% efficient; it would be much more efficient turning gas into mechanical power by burning it directly. Prius at least recharges the battery when coasting down a hill; Volt burns gas? go figure!

    • Steve Fallen says:

      You need to educate yourself, the Volt is practically a prius when it runs down to 30% of a chafe, it switches on the engine to keep the battery charged. When it “runs down a hill” it also charges the bettery. I own one, and went on a long drive, and going down a “hill” going from LA to Las Vegas, the part right before Primm, Nv – it charged my battery that was pretty much 0 up to 45% just coasting down that hill at 70mph.
      So before going off and spatting lies, educate yourself.

  13. charley ghanem says:

    Soooooo true.

    Another example of lies told by the media.

    Save yourself $20k… a Civic or Cruze or Corolla for less than $18k.

  14. Morons!! says:

    Every post hear is complete Right-Wing Nutjob rhetoric!!! I am not a Democrat. In fact, never voted for one. But I do own a Volt. Not a single thing stated in this article or any post is true.

    Development started 2006 – During Bush presidency.

    Tax Break – Signed in 2007, again under Bush. You dolts aren’t subsidizing it. I pay a lot of taxes. I just get to keep some of it with the rebate. Are you people part of the 50 some percent that pay no federal income tax?

    It’s made here so it equals American jobs!! How many of you drive cars made overseas?

    More than 80% of the U.S. population drives less than 40 miles per day. So, no gas is needed most of the time with the Volt. My commute is 26 miles round trip. I haven’t burned a drop of gas since I bought it.

    If I need to go > 40 miles, the car would just switch use gas and still get the same mileage my Chevy Cruze gets. All this BS about not being able to go when I want, when I want just shows your ignorance. If I never plugged it in, I would get about 37 mpg.

    This is NOT a stripped down car!!!. It comes with everything you would get on any other car going for the same price.

    NO volts have caught fire outside the ones crash tested and not having the battery discharged as recommended (FYI geniuses, after they crash test gas powered cars, they drain the gas). Even then, the fire was weeks later!!

    Go see one, drive one, and get your info from somewhere other than Fox News and the internet. It will make you look less ignorant!!!

    • Leroy Jenkins says:

      Who cares who was president? The car sucks. Not only that they charge a bunch of money for a car that sucks.

      And when the post listed off the traits of the kind of morons who would buy this car, why did you assume it was talking about liberals / left wing? Haha. Too funny.

      You need to take a laxative. Clearly, this site is to rant, let loose, and do so with a bit of sharp humor.

      And not a thing posted is true? Stop sniffing glue.

      Oh…and why are you so in love with this car? It’s an automobile.

      Lots of products marketed to consumers suck. This happens to be one of them.
      And you seem to be hung up on party politics as much or more than anybody commenting on this post.

      Relax. If you like The Chevy Volt, go buy one. Write a post that says how great it is. As for most of the people here…we think it sucks.

    • Average Tony says:

      Somebody really likes exclamation points.

      Somebody must buy all their books from the feminist book store. You know, the one that doesn’t have a humor section.

      and don’t type angry…

      “Every post hear is complete Right-Wing Nutjob rhetoric!!!”

      Not every post HERE is right wing nutjob rhetoric, genius. That is hyperbole.

      And you were pretty quick to dive right into the political manure pile, pal. So, clean off your own back porch before you go knocking on your neighbor’s door to bitch.

      • Tom says:

        You are a fuckimg moron.

        • Straight Shooter says:

          When you call a person a moron, you might want to spell correctly.

          Oh…I get it. The you made a typo because you were in a hurry. You had to rush back to your home office to finish your treatise on economics.

    • RedRaider says:

      Here’s one to test your theory about how great the Volt is:

      Fully charge the battery. Hook on a pop-up trailer, nothing fancy or huge, just an average sleeps-4 pop up. Load on a car carrier with camping items. Load the trunk with food and more camping supplies for a 3 day weekend. Put spouse, 2 kids, dog in, Put yourself in. Commence driving your Volt to the mountains 100 miles away. Get out at the end of the driveway and announce to everybody, “sorry, the Volt burned itself out. We’ll do a stay-cation this weekend, instead. Yay! Right, everybody?”

      End of story. A $40K steaming pile of reeking unmentionable promoted by unicorn lovers and subsidized by printed money.

  15. Juan Bastardo says:

    Yeah, you?e right man, Chevrolet Volt, sucks, and it? a hybrid, no matter what they say.

    american automotive design sucks


  16. Dan Manusos says:

    The Volt is AWESOME!

    I test drove it a couple of weeks ago and am trying to convince the wife that this is the car we want.

    I dare any critic to drive the car and then keep telling me it’s junk.

    Totally Silent! It’s quite like flying an MD-80 but with 787 technology.
    Looks cool!
    IS COOL!

    The only negative that I can see is it’s a four seater. They are supposedly working on that back seat hump to make it a five seater.

    As a Desert Storm Veteran, I swore I’d drive an electric car someday. (Or anything powered other than by oil) Drill baby drill will NOT lower prices. OPEC controls that. It may keep more American dollars in the US but it wont lower gas prices. Just ask England how that works. They are self sufficient but OPEC sets the price. Google the Wall Street Journal for and article by Robert McFarlane. He was former National Security Advisor for Reagan and he explains it all real clearly.

    • A Hut says:

      As an electric car, the volt sucks. 35 mile range, really? I get near 100 in my LEAF and never, ever have to visit a gas station, period. Ok, so you get past 35 miles, and your “electric” car converts itself into a hybrid by firing up an onboard gas engine which you have been hauling around all this time. The horsepower drops in half and now you get 37 mpg. Compare that to a Prius which gets 50 mpg. The volt is a bad electric car, and a bad hybrid. It is not well thought out. The whole purpose for electric cars is to reduce and eventually eliminate the need to burn gas. When the day comes that the finite fuel resources get too diminished to make a profit, then gas cars everywhere will come to a screeching halt, and only the electrics will be left to the roads. The volt might be there too, with its enormous 35 mile range. Pathetic really. If you really want an electric car, buy a LEAF.

    • Dan Manusos says:

      I should mention I’m a Ford Fan too, especially since they didn’t take to bailout and haven’t sold out to China as much as GM. But I love the Volt! Just test drove it again and it was better the second time.

      I also test drove that Ford C-Max. It seemed like a decent car, if not a weird combo of MiniVan, Compact Hatchback, and wanna be SUV. If I can get over that image or dress it up, I’ll go for that. Especially if they make it a plug in so I can use less gas.

      Come to think of it, why aren’t all the GM haters/Ford Lovers cheering here for the FORD C-Max? Are they really just stooges for the Oil industry and that”s their real motivation??

      • Dan Manusos says:


        Our trusty but thirsty 1997 Ford Explorer had the alternator go in the express lanes to Chicago while the wife was on the way to one of the most important business meetings of her life. Game over. We didn’t get to my goal of 200k miles or 20 years, whichever came first.

        We conned the Chevy Dealership into letting us have a Volt over the weekend for a test drive. I really thought we’d just have a few days to enjoy it and then settle for a used or new Cruze.

        Yet after about 2 minutes my wife was really loving the car. We drove it an hour to a CarMax and test drove a nice Cruze but couldn’t wait to get back in the Volt. We went to Dinner and started talking it over. By the next day she crunched the numbers and we figured we’d break even with a Cruze in a few years. The car is such a pleasure to drive that we’ll never go back to a pure ICE car.

        Going on 4 months and we can’t wait to buy the next generation Volt to replace the Expedition when it comes out in a few years.

        ONCE YOU DRIVE THIS BABY, YOU’LL BE CHANGED FOREVER. If you have never driven it, you are unqualified to comment on it. It took only a couple of minutes to blow away my wife. It was funny to watch her as she drove it the first time. Swift. Silent. Smooth. Awesome

        • Dan Manusos says:

          I forgot to mention. We tried real hard to go with Ford for all of the political and reliability reasons. The Focus is just too ugly. The Fusion is not made in the USA. The Taurus is too big.

          Never had a Chevy before and was worried about the reputation. Yet they seemed to have changed their MO and really hit it out of the park with the Volt. I hate cars. They only have one engine and four wheels and don’t have a Mach Meter. They are depreciating assets. Just a tool to get you somewhere. Yet I love the Volt beyond belief.

          • Foo says:

            I think the Focus is cute. The Leaf is ugly.

            The Volt, meh…. it’s just kind of generic-looking.

  17. Terry says:

    I don’t trust any GM(GOVENRMENT MOTORS) cars anymore. I’m sticking Ford. They are the only American car company that didn’t take out bailout money. If your company needs a bailout, then your company is a failure.

  18. stu says:

    You are just jealous because you still drive a pinto beacuse thats all you can afford

  19. Paul says:

    I have owned a Volt for over a year and I can tell you it is a fantastic car. This car has the highest owner satisfaction rating of any car sold in the US for the second year in a row. 90% of all car trips in the US are less than 40 miles and if you would like to go further then there is a gas engine that gives you almost 40 miles/gallon. Maybe you are wrong.

  20. My O My says:

    Man,This are the same people that complain about everything.Just because somebody buys a car with their money and likes it doesn’t make it a bad car.Just because you can’t afford to buy it doesn’t either.Just because you like Suvs doesn’t make you a Moron It is just that you like gas gulping Suvs.And I understand it is your money!If you drive on a Nissan Leaf for a 90 miles you have to stop and have it towed back home.You can keep going on a Chevy Volt.But I understand you like the Nissan Leaf,Is your money!

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  24. Dan Manusos says:

    Anybody else notice that as time goes by, more people who actually understand and/or drive the Volt get on these forums and set the record straight while the naysayer haters are slowly dwindling away??

    The “nattering nabobs of negativism” fade away after they grow frustrated with the lack of effect that their tirades of “It Sucks”, “Idiots”, “Greenie Weenie”, et al have. I know one site where a very conservative former B52 pilot and Union President got on and challenged my coworkers on the subject after he bought, God Forbid, a Leaf. He made his points and the detractors rapidly faded away. They ran out of ammo once they depleted their stash of useless insults against a well armed B52 pilot who used the Nuclear option of truth on them.

    Yet I wondered why he bought a Leaf instead of a Volt. B52 guys are used to super long range and refueling to extend the duration and range of their flight, just like you can do with a Volt.

    • Straight Shooter says:


      Just because the people who love the car are coming back to post over and over on…that doesn’t mean anything. If anything, it means that the lovers of this car are more interested in the ideology / politics / social issues than the car.

      This like your 6th comment on this post. Does that mean the car is awesome?
      No. It just means you are more interested in convincing people this car is awesome.

      Some people will like it. Some will think it sucks. I think it’s interesting that the people who like this car have tended to attack those who don’t like the car…calling names, labeling people, etc.

      I am sure the people blasting out at people calling people right wing nutjobs are the same people who laugh hard at left wing political humor. It’s interesting all around.

      It’s just a rant people. Relax.

  25. Bingo Bango says:

    The Volt is so awesome that all of the rich environmentalists are buying them…oh never mind.

    The Volt is so awesome that they will use it for NASCAR…never mind.

    The Volt is so awesome that…

    C’mon people. The only way this car is good – it makes environmentalists feel warm & fuzzy and morally superior.

  26. Rodrigo says:

    Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and also
    the rest of the site is really good.


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